What needs to be measured?


a) What needs to be measured? The doorway.

You need to keep a few things in mind when measuring the width and height of the doorway:

  • Do you want the railing to be fixed onto the wall or integrated in the wall? The difference is 33mm, so be sure to mention this clearly when ordering a folding door.
  • Allow for a margin of 7mm to avoid the door dragging on the floor and wearing down the fabric faster.
  • Please measure in millimetres.
  • We need measurements of the clear width and height (H & B in picture 1)

Picture 1 below clearly illustrates the required measurements.

b) What to take into account? Package thickness and width.

How "thick" is the folding door (the width of the pleats when the door is folded, A in picture 2)? And how much space does the door take up inside the opening when folded (B in picture 2 and 3)?
Please look at picture 2 and 3 to find out how much space your door takes up when folded. Check if that leaves you enough room to pass through comfortably

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Visualisation assembly of an Aporta folding door
Package thickness Aporta folding door
Package width Aporta folding door

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