APORTA has been a trendsetter and market leader in Belgium for folding doors for over 30 years. For three decades, we have been committed to giving our folding door the right look and feel in all its functionality. Thanks to strong innovation, the Aporta folding door now more than ever fulfills all your housing desires.

Exceptionally high quality and durable. Space-saving. Exceptionally beautiful in any interior.

A beautiful and smart solution

With an Aporta Folding Door, you create more living space. Our high-quality folding doors fit perfectly in places where there isn't enough room for a traditional door. They have no swing radius and take up minimal space when opened.

Enhanced sense of space

Our folding doors are the perfect solution for separating two spaces without sacrificing space. By using a folding door as a wall solution, you optimize your home's available space. Slide open the folding wall, and you have a beautiful passage without compromising on space. Close the door and enjoy peace, privacy, and coziness.

Beautiful in any interior

Be amazed by the creative possibilities of our folding doors. In addition to standard aluminum profiles and handles, you can also choose a black or white finish. We design modern folding doors that fit seamlessly into any interior: classic, modern, colorful... whatever you desire!