About Aporta

An Aporta folding door is always the best choice

An Aporta Folding Door boasts several attractive advantages, making it preferable to traditional doors.

We custom-make our folding doors 100%. They are easy to assemble, user-friendly, and maintenance-free. They are durable, crafted from high-quality materials. They are resistant to moisture, temperature, scratch-proof, and washable.

Additionally, they possess excellent acoustic and thermal properties!

Robust on the inside, refined on the outside

Strong Construction

Aporta has developed an internal structure for its folding doors. This robust yet lightweight, flexible, and movable skeleton forms the basis of this quality product. The welded stainless steel construction ensures strength and longevity.

Refined Finish

The internal structure is finished with artificial leather. The high-quality and low-maintenance skin of artificial leather is available in a wide range of colors. You have the option to choose a different color for each of the two sides, allowing the folding doors to complement any interior.

Smooth Movement

Industrial ball-bearing rollers ensure a smooth folding motion, while fold magnets keep the leather folds neatly bundled. It operates on a hanging and floating system: no door frames are necessary, and a floor rail is unnecessary. This means you can hang a folding door anywhere while keeping the floor entirely clear.

Made in Belgium

An Aporta folding door is the result of exquisite craftsmanship as we entirely produce our folding doors in our working place located in Izegem, West Flanders.